Metal Plaque Engraving in Atlanta, GA

We Create High-End Plaques

A plaque is a metal, wood, or porcelain ornamental tablet created to commemorate an event, person, or group. Here at Specialty Engraving & Trophies Inc, we create high-quality plaques for all sorts of establishments and organizations. In fact, our services for custom metal plaque engraving in Atlanta, GA are highly sought after!

Plaques for All Occasions

Plaques are used to commemorate people within all sorts of organizations as well as at events! Consider these examples.

  • Are you the coach of a college sports team? A plaque for your team's winning season may be the perfect addition to a wall celebrating the achievements of the university's sports team!
  • Are you an academic advisor at a high school? You may want to commemorate the top 10 graduates of each class by creating a plaque with their names. This can hang in a hallway so students can see their peers' accomplishments!
  • Do you own a restaurant? You may receive a plaque celebrating an award! Perhaps you won an award for being a top restaurant or a top place to work in your city. You can hang it proudly in your business.
  • Do you run a children's sports league? Each player can leave the season with a plaque displaying their team's photo and the year they played. This will be the perfect addition to any parent's mantle!
  • Are you hosting a charity fundraiser? Perhaps the individual who donates the most money can go home with a personalized plaque thanking them for their contribution.
  • Do you run a small business? You may get a plaque that recognizes employees of the year for everyone to see.

When it comes to custom metal plaque engraving Atlanta, GA residents prefer, Specialty Engraving & Trophies Inc is the name to know. Place an order today for a unique, personalized plaque that won't go unnoticed.