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Motivational Recognition Programs create the perfect way to give your exceptional achievers recognition and keep them motivated. It encourages and increases productivity.

Gifts or monetary awards can cause difficulties. They can be taken the wrong way, could cause jealousy among peers, or even be insulting to some if they feel it is too low. The plaques in this program are equal for each individual who wins. Additionally, the monthly reward package can prove less expensive than a monthly cash award.

We make it easy for you carry out the program. Once you have completed your order, we will send you the Master Plaque, 12 Monthly Plaques, and one Yearly Plaque:

The Master Plaque has a title plate for the type of recognition. Employee, Sales, Agent, producer, distributer, etc. and has a slot for each of the 12 monthly winners which can be displayed in the shared work area.

The 12 Monthly Plaques (4 if you want a quarterly program) are to be handed out each month to the individual winners for them to display at home or in their workspace.

The Yearly Plaque is to announce the “Top Achiever of the year”.

All you have to do is contact us once per month and let us know the name of the individual “Monthly winner” to put on the plates. We will mail you two plates (three at the end of the year) within 2-3 days and you attach them to the proper slots on the plaques. The name plates come with sturdy adhesive covered in plastic on the back. All you do is peel off the plastic and apply the plate to the plaque.

Employee Motivational Recognition Programs have proven to be an inexpensive and fun way to sustain enthusiasm and productivity among employees. Contact us today for questions and information 1-800-830-3386.

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