Building a Recognition Program

The information below is designed to assist in engaging your employee using a recognition program. It outlines the seven critical steps to creating a recognition program including Recognition Strategy, Manager Responsibility, Recognition Program Management, Communication Planning, Recognition Training, Recognition Events and Celebrations, and Program Change and Flexibility. These components are crucial to the success of any recognition program.

The Seven Best Practice Standards

Developing a comprehensive recognition program is an in-depth process that will have a direct positive effect on employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and company profitability. Recognition Professionals International (RPI) has developed seven best practice standards that serve as the key components to a successful recognition program.

  • Recognition Strategy
  • Management Responsibility
  • Recognition Program Management
  • Communication Planning
  • Recognition Training
  • Recognition Events and Celebrations
  • Program Change and Flexibility

Recognition experts developed these standards based on the most recent research, literature reviews, and personal experience. Each section is equally important in building a comprehensive recognition program. However, you must begin by establishing your Recognition Strategy.

Source: Recognition Fundamentals: An Introduction to Recognition Strategy and Best Practices. Recognition Professionals International