Our new website has launched! We hope you will find it user friendly and loaded with all the best Awards we have to offer to fit your needs for fine awards and engraving.. To be sure she is still a work in progress, and we will be making improvements to make the shopping experience easier and a pleasure to use.

Our old site had become slow and cumbersome with glitch's in ordering and overall decline in user experience. The new is sleek and lightning fast and with a little work any data entry issues that my arise will be quickly settled. Our team is on it!

  You may notice the similarity with the old site. Our purpose in this was to take the best of the old and combine it with all the changes we have wanted to make over the years and still have a site that was as familiar as clicking the home button. 

We at Specialty Engraving are working every day to provide the best Service, Quality and Value available and have been doing this for over 60 years! Please give the new site a look and if you need any help reach out with the live chat function or give us a call. We are Ready Willing and Able and want to be your go to resource for all things Awards, Trophies, Engraving and Recognition!